Tuesday, 28 April 2009

what about tomorrow #4

© paul willaert (Kate - Hull decembre 2008)

My name is Kate.
I'm twentyfour.
I live in London but my parents are from York.
At this moment I work for a fashion company and I like to carry on that.
I like to buy a big house with a nice big garden and things like that.
It is important to me to be financially stable and to be able to buy a house and have a family if I want without too many worries about money.
I am currently living away from my family and my boyfriend to pursue my career. I will probably do so for some years as there are no jobs in my proffesion near my family home. I would however like to move back nearer there later in life.
My family have inspired me greatly in their attitude towards life and their ethics, also my boss when I was working in York was a very inspirational woman who had created her own very sucessful business from nothing and was a very interesting character.
My relationship with my parents is very important to me. I am very close to them, however I think I will end up having a very different career to them. I also think that my life style will be very different.
I am in a relationship which I have been in for five years, for the last two we have been living in different cities but I think that this sometimes helps our relationship as you appreciate the time you spend together. Although sometimes this is difficult. I think that the coming years will be hard for our relationship as my career keeps me in London.
What do this words mean to me?
Wealth: to be comfortable and to be able to live the lifestyle you desire.
Freedom: freedom of speech and to be able to express myself as i wish and to follow the path that i like.
Independancy: I think that this is linked to the other words, I feel that you need some wealth to be independant and also you need the freedom to follow your own path.

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Interesting project, Paul. I will follow your blog.