Wednesday, 22 April 2009

what about tomorrow #1

© paul willaert (tim - ostend february 2009)

My name is Tim. I'm sixteen.
I'm studying sciences.
I want to be a worldtop monocyclist.
Most of all I want to be happy.
Friends, family, relaxing, sports and honesty are the most important things in my life.
I don't mind where to live in the future... however i would love to stay where I grow up.
I'm inspired by some famous monocyclists whom I admire.
My parents are a great inspirational source to me.
I think it's very important to have a good relationship with your parents.
A good understanding with your parents can avoid much problems.
My parents have a real estate office but i don't know yet if I will do this.
I have no girlfriend for now.
I'm sure a good friendship could enrich my life, it could be simply enjoyable too.
Prosperity to me means: friends, relaxing, sports, to have everything i wish.
Freedom means doing whatever you want to do, being free, taking time to relax...
Independence means to me not being limited by all kinds of rules.
I find monocycling to be a most enjoyable, challenging and original sport through which I can distinguish myself from others.

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