Thursday, 5 August 2010


It’s a simple assumption to believe that in photography everything has been done already. Of course, it’s not true. There are many things waiting for be discovered by a creative artist. But believing that everything has been done is easier than thinking about what hasn’t been done: It’s not like you can will your brain into coming up with a genius new idea. You can’t. What’s the point, though, of taking pictures if everything has been done already? The answer is simple and straightforward: Unless you want to view photography as part of the entertainment industry where all that matters are cheap new thrills, that which has been seen thousands of times deserves to be seen yet another time, in a different way.

J. M. Colberg

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pascal digital said...

da's precies wat Boon schreef: alles is al gezegd maar ik zeg het op mijn manier - niet toegeven aan de tirannie van de vernieuwingsdrang!