Saturday, 25 July 2009

life here is very different #16

© paul willaert (new york - subway - 2009)


Paul van der Meer said...

Je hebt wel oog voor het vrouwelijke schoon he, een dubbele beauty deze foto! Haar sensuele houding steekt prachtig af in deze onderaardse wereld! Machtig mooi werk laat je ons zien van New York

drew said...

This is beautiful, Paul. Summer in the city. ANd what really makes the image for me is the woman's crossed legs -- the implied motion, frozen, that makes it look like she's dancing with the subway train. The pillar's appear so permanent, everything else so fleeting and alive. Beautiful women in the heat of Athenian summers once moved through the pillars of the Parthenon. Funny, perhaps, that this photograph from underground in the early 21st century would make me think of ancient Greece: but quite aside from the rise and fall of civilizations, there is their abundant vibrancy. is life here so different after all?

pascal digital said...

alles komt goed samen - een van je allersterkste!