Wednesday, 15 July 2009

life here is very different #4

© paul willaert (new york - times square - michael jackson's memorial - 2009)

I encounter difficulties in categorising my New York photographs in existing series.
Therefore I have created a series of it's own: 'life here is very different'
Somehow I recognised the feelings that I experienced during my journey
in a letter that Robert Frank wrote to his parents in 1947:

Dear Parents,

Never have I experienced so much in one week as here.
I feel as if I'm in a film. Life here is very different than in Europe.
Only the moment counts, nobody seems to care about
what he'll do tomorrow.


chantal stone said...

I was in Times Square that very same day.....but for a different reason. I did, however, have my camera.

California Native said...

Great post. I enjoyed looking at all your amazing photos. Great job.