Friday, 26 June 2009

what about tomorrow #10

My name is Tommy.
I am 27.
Recently my girlfriend broke up with me.
My parents and I have a good understanding.
Although it has been different since I left home.
I have the impression relationships are like consumptiongoods.
Loyalty is a rare thing.
I live in Bruges.
Next year I could be moving. It depends on my job.
Here, at the lakeside, I can find rest and peace.
I'm intensily happy when I fish.
I hope a new relationship will restore my faith
and bring me renewed happiness and energy.
I suppose there's a lot of luck involved.

© paul willaert (tommy - brugge belgium 2009)

Someone has an opinion about the deviation of this two recent portraits (less formal posure ) in comparison with the other 'what about tomorrow' images?

1 comment:

LUC RABAEY said...

Different types of portrait indeed. Both are efficient. Second portrait of Tommy tells something more about his occupation and about the person, cq. is more personal.